What's Up, Buttercup?!

Heyy! (:

I just wanted to give a little bit of info about us - "Heyy, Buttercups" and me, the one behind it. I'm Jennifer! If you've been around then you probably know me but if not, then it's nice to meet ya! ( : 

I'm a recent~ish grad of Texas A&M, married to the best picture taker for us, and have 4 dogs (whew! I know).

Since I can remember I've always wanted my own boutique and a place to have fun with other girls, thus began Alma Grace.  I started Alma Grace Boutique in college and while there was always a lot going on with school and other jobs, I'm glad I did it. I have learned SO much about the boutique world and I'm so thankful for AG bringing us here today.

Since focusing solely on the boutique, I began to realize I wanted to take Alma Grace in a different direction. AG was so special to me, but I wanted to build a brand that was special for other people! I love the idea of a community like Heyy, Buttercups because it's for the girls that are a little all over the place - who like  fun nights out with their girls, have fancy date nights but end up eating ice cream on the tailgate, or just like to hangout on the couch with their dogs all night. We're a little all over the place and that's OKAY, we don't judge here!  I just hope you can come to our page and find something to make ya feel GOOD.


Jennifer Sturm🤍